Who We Are:

MINDWORX is an After-School STEM and Creative Arts Enrichment Studio in Cedar Park, TX offering classes, parties, and camps for grades K-8 and morning Parental Engagement classes for Stay-at-Home Parents and their children. We offer a fun vibe in our unique, open and colorful environment meant to engage students in the latest 21st Century learning. Students learn the arts, sciences, technology, engineering, and math skills while having fun with friends in once a week classes year round, after school and during half day camps. Our programs have been developed to uncover students’ potential and inspire their future by giving them opportunities to think, make and create – boosting their levels of critical thinking, creativity, and confidence.

Why We Do What We Do:

Everyone has had experiences that have shaped who they are and the decisions they make. Our youngest daughter was truly the inspiration for opening up the first MINDWORX Enrichment Program… read more here.

Our Mission:

Uncovering Potential, Inspiring Futures

We aspire to ignite imagination and innovation and sustain curiosity and creativity while equipping children with the skills for the 21st Century.

Our Brilliant Mindset™ fosters a love of learning that lasts a lifetime!