Both Educators and Tech Experts alike advocate and support the new movement of teaching children to read and write code. Why should children learn computer science from a young age? The benefits are many, regardless of a child’s future career choice.

Coding is the new literacy and teaching children to read and write code sets them up to thrive in our competitive society. Children love to use technology as tools to learn and computer programming lends itself to allowing children to express themselves with the digital technologies they already gravitate to.

Our Coding programs at Mindworx are engaging and fun! Children are allowed to pursue their creativity and ideas and make them come to life! Our Coding classes allow children the time to think deeper and problem solve real life situations that go beyond the screen; allowing for innovation, invention and real-life problem solving.

Learning to code benefits all kids, regardless of their future career choice simply because it allows children to develop computational thinking skills such as logical thought, the ability to problem solve and the visual and cognitive discrimination needed to identify errors. When we teach kids to code at Mindworx, they also develop the many soft skills that can help them in every area of life. They learn to interact with their peers. We play off-screen collaborative group games that relate to the lessons being taught on screen. This hands-on method enables kids to communicate, to be assertive, to be attentive and to be courteous while participating in cordial competition. Our kids gain the ability to listen and the ability to communicate their ideas both on and off the screen.

It is without doubt that gaining an understanding of computer science is essential in today’s world. As new technologies emerge, the kids who learned to code early on will have developed the language acquisition that will enable them to stay ahead of the curve. See our Coding schedule at or call 512-828-7781 to sign up today.