Q. Is there a meaning behind the name?
A. At MINDWORX, we believe every learner is brilliant in their own unique way and believe that their brilliant mind’worx’ best when creativity is allowed to flourish!

Q. What do you do at MINDWORX?
A. MINDWORX offers enrichment programs and camps to students after-school for grades K-8, and morning parent/child classes for ages newborn-age 4. We exist to uncover students’ potential and inspire their future by providing 21st century programs that allow them to think, learn, create and succeed.

Q. What programs do you offer?
A. We offer once-a-week enrichment programs that engages, excites and allows for hands-on experiences in STEM and the Creative Arts; specifically Lego Robotics, Computer Programming, Game Based Learning, Visual & Digital Art Classes, Music Lessons, Coding, Engineering, and Tutoring.
On the weekends, we offer Birthday Parties, Parent’s Night Out and Family Events.
During summers, we offer a break from the Texas sun by offering academic enrichment STEM and Creative Arts Camps that are brilliantly innovative and fun….and in the air condition!

Q. What age does my child have to be?
A. Our after-school programs begins their journey of enrichment at MINDWORX from the age of 5 and we have continual skill development programs that provide dynamic real-world practical learning for students through 8th grade. We also offer early morning Mom & Me programs for babies through preschool.

Q. How often will my child attend?
A. Our school-year enrichment courses are set up to run once a week for 75 min (I hr, 15 min) at a time. During each course, your student will develop skills at their own pace and may level up when they are ready. Your instructor will keep you informed when they are ready to move to the next level. Our half-day summer camps are 3 1/2 hours long and are offered M-F during the summer.

Q. How do I register or enroll my child?
A. On our website, www.mindworxlearning.com, you will see the “Enroll Today” button on the top right of your screen. Please follow the instructions to register based on available schedule. If you have enrolled before, you may go to your very own mindworx account portal using your username and password.

Q. What is your make-up session and cancellation policy?
A. Due to the dynamics of our weekly programs,. There are no make-up sessions. There is a 30-day notice required to cancel your enrollment and discontinue classes at MINDWORX.

Q. How do you take payments for each course?
A. Tuition is monthly, year round, and you may enroll at any time.
Payments are made through our secure payment portal through your account you have set up at mindworxlearning.com. Invoices are sent to you after you register. Payments are withdrawn monthly on the 1st. A 30-day notice is required to discontinue your child’s enrichment classes at MINDWORX.

Q. Can my child enroll in more than one class at a time?
A. Absolutely! We have quite a few eager learners that are enrolled in more than one enrichment class at MINDWORX. Because we offer such a varied selection of both STEM and Creative Arts classes, you may enroll in as many as you would like throughout the school year. Just check our schedule on our enrollment page, and pick the classes that are right for you!

Q. What happens if after the first month, my child decides not to continue the course and wants to go into another class instead? Do you allow that?
A. Definitely! We want your child to discover their potential and if they want to try their hand in another course, we welcome them! Please just inform us before the end of their session, and we will try to arrange a similar day and time in the class they would like to join for their next session, provided there is space. Please note: if the cost of the course is different, you will be required to provide payment for the difference.

Q. Do you provide tutoring?
A. At Mindworx, we want to uncover each child’s brilliance. We are currently developing our tutoring programs that will encourage your child to excel! In the meantime, try one of our academically rich enrichment programs such as coding, robotics, or our StemQuest program. You will be surprised at how much literacy, math, engineering and science comes alive to them–sparking their drive to learn these key subjects!