What makes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and the CREATIVE ARTS so important?

Do you want to improve your child’s attitude towards learning math and science and build confidence in their artistic ability? Mindworx has the ability to do both. We dramatically improve the lives of Kinder through 8th grade students and parents! How? By providing young learners with the hands-on tools they love in an environment full of friends and fun! Akin to mixing veggies in your child’s spaghetti sauce to disguise the health benefits, Mindworx offers programs in STEM and the Arts where kids feel like they’re playing, while getting the benefits of academic skills that last a lifetime.

At Mindworx, students get to think, make, and create – preparing them for 21st century jobs and giving them a brilliant mindset towards learning. Students at Mindworx don’t just learn for learning’s sake, they learn to do. Often times, a lack of motivation towards a certain subject can be attributed to a lack of understanding on the student’s part on why they need to learn about said subject. Mindworx shows them why and encourages them to continue the learning process.

We excite kids in STEM and the Creative Arts! While listening to the kids engaged at Mindworx we have heard the following:

 “Can we do more math?” “Science at Mindworx is so fun!” “I never liked art until I came to Mindworx,” “Aww, I’m not ready to leave, I’m still coding my game!”  “Don’t break my build, I’m engineering a door alarm.” “This is the best camp ever!”

Through the process of making, kids are gaining the academic and social skills that will lead to their success. Early exposure to STEM and Creative Arts skills is an integral part of building their confidence from the primary grades and beyond.

Mindworx Enrichment is a state-of-the-art Studio that mixes 21st century learning with FUN! We offer key STEM & Arts enrichment opportunities year-round in subjects such as Coding, LEGO Robotics, a Girl’s StemQuest program, Art, Music Lessons and Culinary classes! If you don’t mind your kids begging you to learn more math, science and more about the arts, strongly consider Mindworx a place where your child can grow and learn new skills after school. Call 512-828-7781 to register today!

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