Our youngest daughter was truly the inspiration for opening up the first MINDWORX Enrichment After-School Program. She always intrigued us with her inquiries about how things worked and with her ability to come up with an invention that answered her own question.  As she kept growing, she talked so much, I have to admit, I only listened to half of what she said half the time! J  I always told her she was my “little inventor”.  I didn’t want her fire for learning to be extinguished, so I began looking for a place where she could innovate with other children– a place where she could use her imagination, think through processes, and create, using her own ideas.  After not finding the types of programs I was looking for, I took inspiration from my daughter and decided to ask and answer my own question:

“What if there was an environment where children could gather to inquire, learn, innovate and create together?” If this place could fulfill the academic goals for the 21st century AND be a fun hands-on environment, then students would gain so much confidence in WHY they should learn certain topics like science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)!  Creative children would have an outlet to express their abilities while applying concepts in STEM and the Creative Arts. So, after asking my own question, I knew what the answer had to be. I had to create such a place.

Using my knowledge and studies  in child development,  and my passion and background of over 15 years’ experience in educating young children, it was a no brainer to open an innovative STEM and Creative Arts program. I then became determined to create a place that would allow children to discover and fuel their passions—to become makers of knowledge and not just consumers of it; a place where each child’s brilliant mind could work out questions and come up with new solutions; a place where children could THINK, CREATE, and HAVE FUN!

MINDWORX is a place for students to get excited about science, tech, math, engineering and the arts— keeping them ahead of the curve. MINDWORX  has a culture that encourages the “sport”’ of thinking and making with the goals of getting  kids to be confident  in their abilities; to work in teams and develop leadership skills; to be resilient; to be  doer’s;  to encourage and cheer each other on, and to be respectful of the abilities and talents of others. Mindworx studios are bright and colorful and meant for students to experience hands on learning in a 21st century environment;  it is a place where every student  is seen as uniquely brilliant and where every instructor has the character and passion to encourage our culture of the sport of thinking.

We have programs in robotics, coding, art, and more, in a fun, vibrant and kid friendly environment to fuel your child’s interests and passions after school. At MINDWORX, we believe that the ‘mindworx’ best when creativity is allowed to flourish! Come join us. Call 512-828-7781 to find out more about our fantastic programs and visit www.mindworxlearning.com to enroll today! Come CREATE.FUN!